Pub Quiz for Cape Town Part II | Monday, May 11th @ 7pm

Last week we hosted Pub Quiz for Cape Town with quiz master Jon Keevy. 

The event was a ton of fun. We raised over R31000 to go directly to the Khayelitsha chapter of the Cape Town Together movement. All funds went towards food parcels and soup kitchens for 7 informal settlements in Khayelitsha. Thanks again to the 30+ Cape Town based sponsors for being willing to give in a time where most are not even operational. 

Following the event it was clear another was in order. This time we are getting even more Cape Town based CAN's (community groups) involved to rally around procuring masks for Khayelitsha. A ton of fantastic makers and designers in Cape Town are manufacturing masks that we can purchase for R20 each. All funds will help local small businesses as we aim to supply over 2000 masks to those in need in Khayelitsha.

We’ve gathered some of your favourite Cape Town things as grand prizes and random raffle draws. Who knows, your repository of random knowledge may lead your team to win one of our prizes. We'll also be giving away random draw giveaways. Here's the current breakdown of giveaways and prizes.

Buy a ticket for your team here.


When is this fantastic event? 

7pm Monday, May 11th.

How do I sign up and participate?

To sign up, purchase an entry for your team here.

It's R150 per team. Teams can be 1-6 people. You can pay by EFT and Visa/MC using the Peach Payments option. We'll add you to the mailing list and will email you the day of the event to remind you to show up to at 7pm, Monday. Alternatively you can show up to the event live and pay using SnapScan. 

How is scoring tracked? 

You will keep track of your own score and post your team name and scores at the end of each round. We'll explain this further in the email that will go out Monday ahead of the quiz.  

More about our host Jon Keevy

Beyond hosting Let’s Get Quizzical, Jon Keevy is a writer who dabbles in a bit of everything. He’s written about a dozen plays (he’s bad at keeping track) from serious solo shows to raunchy sketch comedies, he’s done a handful of short films, and spent half-a-year writing a fantasy novel about rebels and sentient plants.