CBD CAN + Ballo + CCID: Masks For the Most Vulnerable in the CBD.

The CBD CAN has quickly established partners through which we have received and distributed donations. Besides our CAN partner in Khayelitsha, we have formed a number of key relationships to help serve the vulnerable in the CBD.  Enter Ballo and the Cape Town Central City Improvement District. 

Ballo, an ethical fashion brand that makes sunglasses and apparel, has pivoted its business to make non-surgical face masks. For every one mask it sells, it donates another to someone in need. 

Ballo recognised the role CBD CAN was playing as an effective mobilising team and offered to make us one of its beneficiaries. 


Through our relationship with the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) we are able to direct some of our resources to its NGO partners in the Cape Town CBD which include Khulisa Social Solutions, Youth Solutions Africa, The Haven, The Hope Exchange and Ladles of Love. Collectively over 500 masks were donated to serve the needs of most vulnerable in the CBD. 


I had a chance to catch up with the founder of Ballo, Alistair Barnes yesterday and asked him to share a bit about what it means to help during this time.


"In a country where some have means to protect themselves and some don’t, I am super happy to do a little bit to help some people get what they need to be, or at least feel, more safe and protected. From the seamstresses who are supporting their families by making the the masks to people who buying masks and in turn giving one away to someone in need - there is a lot of giving and good being done. Kindness and generosity- these are the values I hope we can rebuild our communities and economy on."

The Hat Factory, a city-based milliner, that is manufacturing personal protective equipment and has committed to donating R500 for every 500 masks sold. We look forward to sharing more about that soon. 

Thank you Alistair Barnes from Ballo and Jackie May from twyg for your contributions to this post. And a big thanks to the CCID for your support.  

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