Visuals of the Cape Town CBD during Lockdown

Big thanks to Nicky Newman for this guest post.
I started covering the Lockdown in Cape Town for a few publications on about Day 4.  
At first it was very surreal. The empty streets and the overwhelming silence. The roadblocks. The army.  
I saw that there are mostly only CCID guards and cleaners, police and the homeless still on the streets of the city and surrounding areas. I spent time talking to people, hearing their stories and situations. It was absolutely heartbreaking.  People are saddened by some of the images I’ve posted, but I’ve held back the really difficult pictures.  There’s a constant tussle in me between showing people the reality of what’s happening (as no one can move to see it for themselves) and not invading people’s privacy and vulnerable moments.  
My media permit gave me access to many who are falling through the cracks. I put out a call on FB for help and started moving that money to those that need it most.  
What is deeply inspiring is the way civil society has risen to this crisis, the CAN groups, the various community initiatives that are run on ordinary people’s time, energy and money. 
This is definitely the time for us to be pulling together.  On a purely photographic level, it's been a unique opportunity to really see the city without people, business and cars etc. So many details that I would ordinarily not notice. For the full album visit my Facebook page.




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