About Us

The City Bowl Community Action Network (CBD CAN) under the umbrella of Cape Town Together is a community response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown in South Africa. While we may need to apply physical distancing, we can build social solidarity. 

Please note that the CANs are not NPO’s but, as a network, we work closely with registered organisations to offer support and shared resources. 

CBD CAN is a collection of citizens within the City Bowl area, and those who feel a kinship with it, to come together in taking positive action to alleviate some of the needs we identify around us and offer mutual support. This includes supporting efforts like Ladles of Love soup kitchens, city shelters, and other means of mitigating the lockdown effects on the homeless in the city. We aim to create a network of support with our community while also connecting with similar networks to share resources and knowledge. 

We have, along with our sister CAN in Vredehoek, partnered with Khayelitsha CAN in an effort to offer support to families in need with access to food security, sanitizerasic services and sharing reliable information with regards to Covid-19 protective measures.

Along with one of our sister CANs in Oranjezicht we support Pride LGBTQ+ Shelter  (the only of its kind on the African continent), with food, masks, and winter clothes whenever we can. 

Some of the skills we most need right now, involve help with mapping resources, researching supply chains, fund raising and social media communication. We also encourage anyone willing to sign up to be a street champion, someone who does shopping and other support for vulnerable people in their apartment.

CAN pairings are not formally allocated by any governing body. Pairings are simply offered.

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**The Cape Town suburb CANs are not associated with SA CAN.